01 December @ 9:05 pm   One Lonely Star

This journal is now:

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Please comment to be added. I love making new friends, I just have to take some precautions!

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  17 March @ 4:32 pm   Eurovision Part Last

...yeah, I decided to post this immediately after Part II. Because I HAD TO LISTEN TO SOMETHING TO GET THAT HORRIBLE JEDWARD SONG OUT OF MY HEAD.

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The Big Five are really strong this year; three really good songs, plus one good one by a former winner...only the UK kind of sucked it up, but to be fair, they don't really care, so yeah. As for the show as a whole, well...there are a lot more REALLY strong entries as compared to last year, and massively more diversity in song styles and themes, but also VASTLY more just boring, blah, middle-of-the-road stuff, and only a few really bad ones! I mean...we've got Jedward, we've got Poland, we've got The Epic Jerkwad Who Wants To Be Popular, and Blue...and that's about it. Kind of a letdown, actually. I like it better where there are a lot of good songs that I'm not sure how'd they rank, a chunk of terrible ones, a few great ones, and only a few middle-of-the-road ones. This year, it was mostly just boring, "who cares" fare and that makes me sad. But...oh well. Still looking forward to the contest! It'll be interesting to see what happens!

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  17 March @ 3:54 pm   Eurovision Part II

Yeah, still sick. Blech. At least I can keep down water now, and I made myself some plain udon today, so maybe that'll stay put as well. I lost over 4lbs yesterday alone, and even if it's just water weight that's pretty damn scary, so hopefully I can get something into my system today.


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...so. Um. Yeah. I apologize for that last bit. Not my rant, just the fact that the song and performance exists. I'm so, so sorry for that.

Next up (probably within the next 20 minutes, actually): The Big Five! Yes, FIVE. THANK YOU ITALY FOR COMING BACK WITH A BANG!

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  17 March @ 12:03 am   Eurovision

So...I keep trying to write up my Oscar review post but...the ceremony was just SO BAD this year. It was disorganized to the point of distraction, badly run, badly timed, the awards were predictable, the speeches and performances were blah, the hosting was terrible (well, Anne Hathaway was charming as all hell, but WTF was up with James Franco and pretty much every other presenter?), it was all just...meh. Boring and bad.

At some point I'll get it done. It's just hard when I don't give a damn.

So...I've got the flu. Basically, Mom had it briefly while she was recovering from surgery, then Dad got it on Monday, and this morning I woke up running a fever, starving, thirsty, and unable to eat or drink anything until about 6:30pm without it ending very, very badly. It sucks. But oh well. At least I should be better soon, it doesn't seem to last more than a few days and by tomorrow I should be able to eat again, yay!

In the meantime, Eurovision is coming up in about a month and a half, and almost every song has been selected, so...Eurovision time!

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Coming up next: the second semi-finals line-up. WHICH INCLUDES AN A CAPELLA SONG THAT I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING, NO JOKE. Oh, and Jedward. God I wish I was kidding about that.

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  13 April @ 8:49 pm   *Sigh* Watch me be all dramatic

So. I've decided that I need to do a major restructuring of my social circle. Most of it will be done in real-life, to minimize unnecessary drama from outside parties encroaching on my job and happy life as well as getting some unfair accountability off of my back (that was REALLY badly worded but basically, I don't want stupid crap messing with me any more or people holding me accountable for things that have nothing to do with me). Hopefully this will cut back on stress enough that I can start smiling and relaxing again, as opposed to pretending to be happy to keep certain people appeased so they don't start harping on me about how worried I'm making them and how they wish I would smile more. Very little of THIS will affect me on the internet.

However, just because I might as well: I'll be doing a friend-list cut at the end of this upcoming weekend.

I'm not going to automatically remove everyone because, y'know, a lot of you have lives. And this won't be a huge cut, probably only one or two of you will go. But if you haven't updated in more than a year (this includes old journals that you guys have dropped and switched to new ones), you're off at the end of the week for sure, and probably a bunch of others...IF you don't comment here by next Sunday night.

If you're worried you might be getting cut, or if you haven't updated but are still following me and still want to follow me, or...whatever, just comment here in the space of the next week and you'll be safe! ^_^.

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  01 December @ 11:49 pm   Voice Post

This? Is slytherinblack 's fault. Never, EVER post music. I sing along to it and then end up participating in LJ sing-off memes ^_^.;;

Anyway. Original info can be found here. And now, I shall sing about snow! Despite living in Colorado and therefore having no snow but actually nice 50+ degree weather right now because this state is weird.

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  19 July @ 7:36 pm   An open letter to Livejournal

ETA 4: This whole thing was getting a bit unwieldy, so I've reorganized the entire post a little bit. Hopefully this will make it a bit easier to understand and navigate now!

This will be a public post. For once.

Over the next few days, I want to collect a list of contradictory statements that LiveJournal and SixApart have posted regarding the Strikethrough '07 debacle. In addition, any official statements you can find to support or refute the legality of fictional sex with minors will be listed as well, for posterity. And finally, I want to collect and archive a list of works published in the United States that feature explicit sexual scenes with characters under the age of 18. I do this in the hopes that it will help the LJ/SA administration that a)they're only making things worse by making promises and then going back on them and THAT is why we are leaving, not because of a silly hissy fit like they seem to think, and b)contrary to their recent statement regarding what they can and cannot host, written fiction. I also hope that by sending this to other news site, prospective new users who could be affected by this will forewarned about the activities and ambiguous business practices this company now engages in.

Conflicting Statements Issued By LiveJournal/SixApart Regarding the Journal Suspension Controversy and Subsequent Policy ChangesCollapse )

Information Regarding the Legality of Fictional Minors Engaging in Explicit Sexual ActivitiesCollapse )

Note: For the following section, only certain literary works are eligible for inclusion here...those which, based on LJ/SA's actions and criteria as stated since May 29th, 2007, would be at risk for account deletion were they original posted here. This is NOT a repost of the list made during the first Strikethrough cataloging all works featuring underage sex and incest, but only those of an explicit nature that can be purchased at any chain bookstore without being ID'd. As of 8/6/2007, LJ/SA's definition of obscene includes only: penetration, fluids, graphic descriptions of other sexual acts, and basically anything that would rate a Mature film rating...R or higher in the USA. Books like Romeo and Juliet or anything where the act is most euphemisms would not qualify. Most romance novels, works by Stephen King, Anne Rice, or Poppy Z Brite would qualify, but would be the least explicit works listed. If I receive any information that less explicit works or illustrations would be bannable on this site now, I will edit the list to include those works as well.

This list includes: art, graphic novels, and other illustrated works, works written in another country but available for purchase through US distributors, and other fictional works, but not nonfiction instructional novels or filmed works featuring live actors. I will also specify which of these published and wholly legal books use those scenes either without portraying them in a negative light (read-not rape or molestation or designed to show the consequences of underage sex), in a way designed to be erotic, and/or as a central theme to the story.

Lists of Published (And Therefore Legal) Fictional Works Available in the United States Involving Minors in Explicit Sexual SituationsCollapse )

Subset: Works Which Do Not Show Consequences To Underage SexCollapse )

Subset: Works Which Additionally Portray Underage Sex in an Glamorized and/or Plot Centric MannerCollapse )

Please comment away. Links and direct quotes in regards to contradictory statements issued by LJ/SA are much appreciated. For the literary list, please list the title, author, and if any of the sub-categories I mentioned are applicable and which. ETA 5: As of now, this list is closed. I need time to compile this information into a letter to forward out, specifically with a focus on LJ/SA's ambiguous business practices as illustrated in the first section of contradictory statements. Thank you all for your help compiling all of this information! Much love!

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  19 December @ 4:44 pm   EMERGENCY SALE!!!!!!!!!

UPDATED 07-21-06
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